"A full-service design & build construction company.

"Done right on time"

-- Overiew --

Reco Decoration Group Inc. (Reco Deco) started from a "two men & a truck" renovation team in 1990 and turn into a full-service Design and Build construction company listed in TSX Venture from 2004. Three distinctions build our strength.

  1. Fully equipped 19,000 sq. ft. mill-work + designer office facility integrated, enable fast and reliable mill-work production.
  2. Construction industry first "EXTREMELY" detail estimate/quotation. Customers get the complete picture. Flexible contract model, stop anytime when circumstances arise.
  3. Responsive - our staffs are trained responding to customer request ASAP. Not leaving customers and business partners hanging.

Over the years, our hardworking teams (Design, mill-work, construction, & project management) tackled many high profile commercial projects with top quality results. 

"A promise is a promise" - Mr. Hugh Zhen (President)

With close to 30 years of construction expertise behind us, we are ready for any project size. With open collaboration approach, we interact to create products & services of economic value to our customers and partners. To lead or to work with, we want to be part of every great build. We go every corner of beautiful British Columbia as well as the friendly neighbor of the North West of United States. 

-- Core values --

Safety: Fully insured (5,000,000+) and risk analysis protocol

Teamwork: Flat management structure unlocks team potential. We foster the whole team, not an individual. 

Corporate culture: A value above all "Transparency." From top to bottom, transparency prevents miscommunication. Clear communication creates a great team. A great team completes a job flawlessly.

Commitment: "There is always a better way" Every customer and every project is unique,  never stop looking for ways to save money and time. That's is our commitment to customers.


O U R    V I S I O N

Build an artificial intelligence system that can build a dream project in a fraction of the time and costs. Imagine clicking on an E-Commerce site, upload your floor plan; select a restaurant package and have it build in a matter of weeks not months


Deep dive every problem that waste time and money on projects; relentlessly find a solution to solve it. Keep naysayer out of the room. Never shy away from technology. Try latest technologies that can automate every aspect of the construction industry. Be bold to lead the market and Influence every contact to evolve. Be the first to successfully make the "Transparent & Responsive" model a defacto standard of the construction industry.