With a shop over 12,000 sqft and a team of experienced carpenters, we are fit for any size of production.
Advance machinery
Latest communication platform between all parties. Faster and smoother workflow
Never shy away from technologies
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We work hard - no holding back when playing
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Reco Decoration Group Inc. a.k.a "Reco Deco". Experience makes experts. A load of exciting past projects backing our brand (since 1990.) 

Design + Build, Commercial Constructions

We will meet today customer's expectation


"Transparent & Responsive"

Visit our workshop & designer office 

100-2051 Viceroy Pl, Richmond, BC V6V 1Y9


Bring your designs/drawings for a reality check. If it is a "Go", we will bring together experienced architects, code consultants, and engineers on your project to ensure all building code requirement are met.


Over the years, we acquainted a network of skill trades based on trust, understanding, respect, and loyalty. We don't go into battle without a plan B. We will coordinate all "Licensed & Bonded" skill trades to ensure job done-right-on-time.


Our job is to make everybody happy. City officials are happy. We are happy. Most importantly is "You", feel like a champion.

You have a plan and it is your first. A construction project is a hard journey you heard -

Yes, it is. On average, at least 10+ professionals involved in a single project. There is no walk in the park. We have been through many of them since 1990. Experiences make experts! We have answers to prevent costly mistakes. Don't risk it on your own. Get on board, and set sail together. Sailing through a vast ocean has many unknowns. If anything ever happens, it is our job to make sure you have a ride back to shore.

Full Service: Design + Build Contractor

Four teams to serve you. Commercial construction of all sizes. Restaurants, supermarket, Food court, health care, cafeteria, and many more...

We participate when we can. We donate when we have spare. We don't stop making efforts to our community. See what we have done so far.

Our commitment to environment. Latest energy efficiency equipment and devices. Gas powered HVAC, LED lightings, etc.

We do our part to prepare the next generation for a better BC. Internship for the carpenters, designers, construction workers, and engineers.

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